GoFCCYourself — Setting up your workbench (elasticsearch/kibana)

Great, we’ve got some data thanks to the previous post. Now how do we dive in?

Well seems like these filings were originally in a document database, and given their json content, let’s pick on at random from the wonderful list from wikipedia.

I know the names of some of these, and surprised other one’s weren’t on this list (Cassandra and CouchDB, guess apache projects got off the short-list somehow…).

Anywho, I’ve heard good things about elasticsearch and a duckduckgo search leads me to believe it should do at least some of what I want, there seem to be reasonable docs, and Kibana looks cool. I’m sold (mostly cause it’s free/open)! Haven’t touched java in years let’s hope I don’t need to get in the weeds at all.

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GoFCCYourself — Setting up your workbench (elasticsearch/kibana)

GoFCCYourself — stange data, let’s capture it!

So this is interesting… yadda-yadda-yadda net-neutrality is gonna be taken away again. That is completely silly (imho) for various reasons:

  • I don’t want a fragmented/silo’d web
  • Information is the most valuable resource — literally what the internet is — putting a tollway on it only increases the gap for the less advantaged

So I was never really interested in the politics of it all. People have varying viewpoints, or do they? Let’s dive into the data. Continue reading “GoFCCYourself — stange data, let’s capture it!”

GoFCCYourself — stange data, let’s capture it!